Heroines Wait For Police Or Prostitute

By - June 20, 2015 - 05:47 PM IST

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We are not narrating a film sequence wherein a beautiful heroine is waiting for the police or the prostitute. We are talking about the choice of movies the starlets like to do in their career. Apparently, many heroines desire to do either the role of a cop or that of a prostitute.

They strongly believe these two roles are such wherein there is immense scope for performance and they can show their talent. Otherwise, it is usually the routine glamour roles for them with some juice of romantic scenes. In the last few years, many top heroines have been doing such roles.

The latest in that list is the petite beauty Trisha who is doing the role of a cop in a Tamil movie. Given her following, it is obvious that the movie would be dubbed into Telugu as well. Whatever it may be, there is a special kick the male audience get when they see beautiful heroines in Khaki or as sex workers.

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