KTR's financial aid to Vedam actor

By - June 29, 2015 - 02:00 PM IST

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Telangana's Chief Minister KCR's son KTR is not only a responsible MLA of Siricilla, minister of rural development for the state but also a person with strong values and straightforwardness. This sharp eyed political celebrity has shown great empathy by personally meeting Nagaiah- a senior actor who is popular for his role as Siricilla Ramulu in Krish's thought provoking film Vedam.

KTR met this talented senior actor to congratulate him on his work and also hand him over a goverment's pension of Rs. 1 Lakh which is sanctioned for senior film artistes. It is a known fact that many senior film actors are waiting for financial aid and nobody to look after them financially and the new president of Movie Artists Association (MAA), Rajendra Prasad has promised his goodwill for such artists.

KTR has spoken to Rajendra Prasad exclusively on this regard and requested the latter to assist Nagaiah and other senior actors of his sort for any help needed. It would be interesting to know that Nagaiah is a native of Guntur, AP and yet KTR has believed in offering help beyond boundaries and politics for a talented actor. More such cordial initiatives are needed from the respective governments of two Telugu States to ensure faster development.

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