Ram Gopal Varma To Set New Record

By - July 03, 2015 - 02:16 PM IST

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Generally you would expect only a successful person to set records in his/her profession but that doesn’t apply to the entertainment industry. In here, there are many talented individuals who irrespective of their success rate can come up with a record in their own way.

In that aspect, the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma is now hitting the headlines because he could be on the way to set a new record. According to reports, RGV who is currently shooting his new movie Killing Veerappan is reportedly planning to wrap up the entire shoot in just a single schedule.

Inside news is that it will be completed by mid July and as part of this single schedule, only Veerappan plus forest episodes would be done. There is also another talk that hero Shivarajkumar’s episodes will happen indoors in the city of Bangalore but we will know the truth soon.

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