Actress Sleepless Night Over Mystery Deaths

By - July 07, 2015 - 04:13 PM IST

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The impact of death is so strong that even if you don’t know that person, you would still feel bad. And when there is a series of deaths happening it is bound to create some disturbance in your thoughts. True to that, one actress is having some sleepless nights over a series of deaths.

She is none other than Khushbu Sundar and sharing her thoughts, this senior starlet has revealed how she is not able to sleep after hearing about the suspicious deaths of those involved in the Vyapam scam. Khushbu minced no words in criticizing the ruling party and its government over their lethargy over investigation.

The scam which has taken place in Madhya Pradesh has led to the deaths of many people. While the police put it at 36, media has claimed it to be 48. From her end, Khushbu has always been vociferous about societal issues and this time the tough lady seems really affected and dazed by the mystery deaths.

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