Vegetarian Hero Chicken Motivation!

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“Sorry! I’ve quit Non-Veg!” This is a statement that many would utter with a miniscule percentile of displeasure. If you are a big foodie and that to a non-vegetarian then it will be a tough decision to kick non-vegetarian from your wish list, especially at restaurants. Some of us might quit non-veg for a cause or due to health complaints. Even celebrities are also no exception to this.

Here is a hero who turned a strict vegetarian for a strong cause is now being taunted by his buddies. He is none other than latest young Mega hero Allu Sirish. He has apparently quit non-veg and now acquired a six-pack body. But of late, Sirish is getting various messages from his pals jeering at him.

He shared his expression through his tweet like –

“Have gone vegetarian as a detox. So hard! And friends send me such memes to keep me motivated!”

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Well, this is quite a tough challenge and the one who overcomes these is the true-blue vegetarian. Hope our Allu Sirish can survive all these drawing some inspiration from Rana!

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