Baahubali Premiere Show in 15?

By - July 07, 2015 - 07:17 PM IST

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Everyone is getting glued to the Television sets, websites and other information sources to get the latest updates about the grand release of Baahubali movie. And here is the latest update about Baahubali premiere show.

As are aware of, Baahubali premieres are going to be held across both the Telugu states. As per latest reports, premier shows are being conducted at 1 am and early morning 5 am on the 10th of July. These premieres will be played at 15 selected theaters in twin cities and the ticket price is ranging for 1 am is Rs 1500-3000/- for both the shows.

Tickets are already sold out online for a week except in few theatres in the outskirts of twin cities and lobbying is very strong too. Surprisingly, there is even a talk that few theatres and multiplexes in the city are selling the tickets for a higher price to cash upon the demand. Well there is an estimate that a whopping 6-8 crore would churn out through premieres. So, it is the turn of the common man to keep calm, watch the film in the theatre and count the records Baahubali shall make and break! Keep watching for more updates.

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