Fake 'Baahubali' Tickets @ Rs 1000

By - July 08, 2015 - 09:59 PM IST

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You don’t need any explanation on the mania and frenzy the magnum opus Baahubali has been creating and it only seems to be growing with each minute. While this is indeed a good sign for the film industry, there are also those shady people who are trying to take maximum advantage out of this craze.

The film is due for release on July 10th and there is an intense race to grab the tickets for the first day. Due to this demand, some crooks are saying a benefit show is there and they are selling tickets. They are putting this up like an ad on Facebook and providing few numbers to call if you want tickets.

Most of the promotion they are doing through word of mouth so the second person doesn’t know who this seller is. They are selling each ticket at Rs 1000 and for group bookings they are charging Rs 500. After taking the money they are switching off their mobiles and disappearing. Beware everyone!

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