Venky In Hollywood Remake?

By - July 13, 2015 - 01:45 PM IST

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After you reach a certain stage as an actor and pass your prime, you tend to wither off due to immense competition. But there are those smart heroes who change their track and start coming up with films that are offbeat and yet interesting. This strategy has been successfully employed by victory Venkatesh.

In what can be called as his second innings technically, Venky has been coming up in multi-starrers and concept based flicks. Now, there are reports that he is going to come up with a whacky comedy entertainer that revolves around marriage. The man to helm this project is Chandrasekhar Yeleti.

Given Yeleti’s credentials, this combination is surely crazy. Meanwhile, a grapevine is making rounds that the film is being inspired strongly from a Hollywood movie whose storyline is being kept under tight wraps. Whatever it may be, with Venky around, the project will surely be interesting.

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