Bomb Attack on Baahubali Theater

By - July 22, 2015 - 06:15 PM IST

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Prior to two days, we heard everything nice and records about epic movie Baahubali. All of a sudden from the past two days, Baahubali movie is on headlines for all the wrong and unfortunate reasons.

A senior editor of a National daily recently alleged that the portrayal of tribals as “ugly” blood thirsty barbarians in the film is derogatory and some Dalit outfits in Madurai, Tamil Nadu have stepped ahead and attacked a theatre screening the Tamil version of Baahubali, claiming that the film’s dialogues are hurting Dalit sentiments.

Going into the details, Puratchi Pulikal Iyakkam, a Tamil activist outfit in Madurai reportedly attacked a theatre named Tamil Jeya Cinemas in the city with petrol bombs wherein, one of the mirror attacked caught fire. The attack happened while many are watching the film inside. However with the immediate intervention of the local Police, the situation did not worsen. Security at the theatre was beefed up and few have already surrendered at the local PS taking responsibility of the attack.

Well Baahubali is creating sensation both on and off the screen. Keep watching the space for more updates.

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