Can Bikini Help Her Career?

By - July 22, 2015 - 05:05 PM IST

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Bikini, now that is one word which any man would not forget and it also sends a naught tingle down his spine. This becomes more when he watches a beautiful woman sporting a bikini. Thanks to the world of cinema, a lot of virtual feast is obtained with many actresses flaunting their beauty in bikinis.

However, they have an objective behind that. Usually, an actress sporting a bikini is to ensure her hot body paves way for more offers and opportunities. But this formula doesn’t work at all times because seeing a heroine in bikini has become very common. This is something one starlet doesn’t seem to realize.

She is none other than the sexy hip beauty Ileana. Apparently, Ileana was at a peak in Tollywood when she literally shunned it for Bollywood. Fact remains that her career in Bollywood has not been that great. Recently, Ileana has come up with a bikini photo shoot but many say it would not trigger much heat and that too for Ileana who was seen frequently. It appears Ileana has to change her approach for some value addition in her career.

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