Prabhas Message to Fans!

By - August 02, 2015 - 04:56 PM IST

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If you listen the word called ‘Darling’ you know it can be none other than Prabhas. He is the darling of the industry and fans alike.

His stardom increased multifold with Mirchi and his fans desperately waited for Baahubali. Many were even upset that Prabhas was wasting his valuable time for this epic-in-making but today they are the most happy fans taking pride in being a 'Prabhas fan'.

Even Prabhas is enjoying the success of Baahubali and is slowly gearing up for the shooting of the second part. Coming to the news, Prabhas has expressed his heartfelt thanks to his darlings fans. He uploaded a video carrying his thanks giving message to his fans. It came as a surprise to the fans and in no time it went viral.

“Hi darlings…I just want to say thanks! You have been supporting me from my first movie Eeshwar. Thanks for your support. You’ve been waiting for Baahubali from the past two and half years. Hope you enjoyed the film..and..I..I just want to say thanks…thanks for everything…love you…”

His fans were more than happy for this sweet message from their darling star. This film is already gaining lot of accolades around the world and is a sensation at the world box-office.

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