Did He Say Any New Point?

By - August 05, 2015 - 05:04 PM IST

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Whenever a celebrity comes out of his/her closet into the public medium and shares his/her thoughts, many wait to see what different is coming from that individual. This was exactly the situation when actor Baladitya came out of the blue and shared his thoughts on a particular issue.

This has to do with the rather blunt and obnoxious comments made by an NRI girl named Annapurna Sunkara on Tollywood and its key members. While she has been slammed big time by the netizens, they are now joined by Baladitya who shared his perspective on the whole matter.

Those who saw his video said “Baladitya gave counter not with hatred but in a very soft and articulated manner. Though it is well arranged fact is, it is a beaten track and there is actually nothing new that he came up with.” Well, better luck next time Baladitya. 

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