Still Hot At 60! Unbelievable

By - August 07, 2015 - 09:40 PM IST

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The fact of our lives is that we cannot stop or go against ageing and its process. This is the reason why as you begin to turn 30, the first symptoms of ageing begin and as you near your 50s and 60s you are almost done. However, there are certain individuals who don’t belong to that category.

Most of them hail from the entertainment and sports background. One man who has turned 60 and is looking unbelievably hot is megastar Chiranjeevi. After his extensive wear and tear as a politician, Chiru is now on his way to return to movies and is preparing for his milestone 150th movie.

Recently, few set of his stills came out and it stumped many. Well, you would be convinced strongly that Chiru can pass off as a 40 year old without any hassles. The secret of his youthful and vigorous look is a secret but at the end of the day, Chiru is proving to be the right inspiration for all men.

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