Will Film Stars Listen To Modi?

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Most of you would acknowledge if we say that after a long time, India has got a leader who is not only powerful but has the vision to do something for this nation. We are talking about our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and from his inception, he has been focusing a lot on strengthening our infrastructure.

As part of that, Modi has come up with a nationwide call especially to the film industry and its members. All this happened on the national hand loom day and Modi has reportedly urged the film stars and the fraternity to encourage the hand loom sector by choosing their products as their costumes and other requirement.

Incidentally, the film industry has a lot of requirement for costumes and other attires so if the preference can be given to hand loom it is surely going to create a lot of benefit for that segment and the nation as a whole. Let us wait to see who among the film stars will listen to Modi and go the Hand loom way.

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