Mega hero ignored in Mahesh mania!

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From almost a week before Aug 7, Mahesh mania has gained strength and this month belongs to Srimanthudu. The mania was so strong that even a Mega hero was affected.

Going into the details, Sai Dharam Tej’s upcoming flick Subramanyam for Sale’s first teaser was also released on the 7th of August. This is in fact a much anticipated comeback film for both Harish Shankar (Ramayya Vastavayya) and Sai Dharam Tej (after Rey) and Mega fans were eagerly looking forward to it. In spite of being a Harish Shankar directorial and produced by Dil Raju, the movie’s first look teaser failed to create lot of buzz.

It was Mahesh’s Srimanthudu – its talk, reviews and collections all over and moreover, except for Sai Dharam’s moon walk step, Subramanyam for Sale teaser just had some looks and stills of Sai Dharam Tej and somehow did not any trade mark punches or one liners of director Harish Shankar.

On a whole, industry onlookers opine that Mahesh’s Sirmanthudu mania and the unattractive teaser can be reasons behind the lukewarm response for SFS first look teaser!

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