Is Dil Raju Behind CCM Scenes Editing?

By - August 17, 2015 - 01:41 PM IST

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The young and dashing producer Dil Raju has been quite influential for every happening in Tollywood tinsel town. While he has the knack of judging the best scripts for his films, he can also take a step forward to decide which scenes should be in a film and which should be clipped off!

A similar situation happened now where sources say that Dil Raju has asked to remove the exclusive comedy track between Saptagiri and Brahmanandam in the film Cinema Chupistha Maava which released last Friday. While this comedy track was very much present in the trailer, the film didn’t have it. The main reason for it is apparently the length of the flick.

Dil Raju has acquired the Nizam rights of Cinema Chuipstha Maava and in the era where comedy is a fetching factor for any film’s success, this decision remains to be debatable!

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