Kick 2 is not at all a Sequel to Kick: Raviteja Interview

By - August 18, 2015 - 05:59 PM IST

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Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja can be called as an example for hard work, dedication and high energy levels as far as Telugu films are concerned. He has reached success the hard way with lot of hurdles but now a brilliant actor with star value. Whenever his films are for release, the entertainment factor is guaranteed! After a long hiatus, his anticipated film Kick 2 is ready for release this Friday. On that eve, here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hello Ravi Teja garu..

How did the idea of Kick 2 come into picture?
In the climax of Kick itself there is a faint hint about the scope of a sequel for this film. But we didn’t plan anything exclusively afterwards. Two years ago, writer Vakkantham Vamsi told me a line which impressed me very much and later when we developed and later wanted to title it Kick 2!

Will Kick 2 be as entertaining as its predecessor?
I wouldn’t compare both films as equal. Kick 2 has totally different storyline compared to the earlier film.

Is there any reason for giving such title for this flick? Or there were any other titles in consideration?
The title Kick has a good thump and energy levels associated with it. Naturally, Kick 2 would promise more fun element and hence we didn’t think of any other title.

How different Kick 2 is going to be from Kick?
The action sequences and entertainment factors are double in this film. Ram Laxman composed the stunts and they did a phenomenal job.

Thaman scored the music for Kick composed music for Kick 2. How did you find this album?
The album is quite stunning and unexpected from Thaman. He did give a different album stepping out of his usual style. “Mummy” song is my favourite and I am sure the audience would connect to the songs more after watching the film.

Kick 2 faced lot of delay in release. What was the exact reason?
We had a little delay in the post production work. Moreover, big films like Baahubali and Srimanthudu were lined up. So we wanted to release in the right space.

There was a buzz that the film producer and director had a rift regarding the exceeded budget of Kick 2?
I am not the right person to comment on it. Please ask the producer about the issue!

How confident are you about Kick 2’s success rate?
I am very confident about it. Telugu Cinema’s range has increased now and lots of positive happenings are taking place. Going by the film’s content, I'm highly confident about Kick 2’s success.

How was it working with Rakul Preet for the first time?
She is a lucky charm for any film. Rakul is a great hard worker and a professional on sets. Had fun working with her/

What happened to your signing of Special 26 remake?
I am open to work for a multi starrer of that sort. Work is going on regarding the project and once it is materialized, I will be on it!

Kick has made it quite big in Bollywood. Do you think Kick 2 will also be remade in Hindi?
I am sure Bollywood fraternity is eagerly looking for Kick 2’s performance at the Box Office. Hoping even this film is remade in Hindi.

How was the working experience with director Surender Reddy once again?
I know Surender right from the days when he was working as an assistant director. He adapted well and proved himself with Kick and later gave a great entertainer like Race Gurram. I am sure Kick 2 would take him to new heights.

Is there any plan to do Kick 3 in near future?
That would depend on the success and impact of Kick 2 on the audience. If the film scores it high, definitely!

What about your other film Bengal Tiger?
The film has an honest storyline. I really enjoyed working for it. We are planning to release it in the month of September/October.

It was a surprise to see a star like you in advertisements. What made you get into endorsing?
Getting into advertisements was totally instantaneous. I was approached for the chance and I accepted it. Let me see how better it would become!

Okay.. thanks and wish you the best for Kick 2!
Thank you very much.

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