Telugu Music Director Busy In Neighborhood

By - August 29, 2015 - 04:15 PM IST

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You might consider that having immense talent and knowledge is sufficient to make a mark in the entertainment industry but it is not so. You would require a great stroke of luck and fortune to get an opportunity. This applies more to the music department due to the abundance of talented music makers.

Given a situation like that, it is hard to comprehend that a Telugu music director is busy creating waves in the neighbourhood. While the dynamic Devi Sri Prasad is one man, another name also joins that club. He is none other than Raghu Kunche. Over the years, he has made a mark for himself.

Currently, Raghu Kunche is busy with Tamil and Kannada film offers as a music director. In fact, he has also acted in one of the Kannada movies alongside Shraddha Das. He is composing the tunes for the Tamil flick Nayagi featuring Trisha and a Kannada movie featuring challenging star Darshan.  Way to go Raghu!

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