That was my Most Memorable Birthday: Actor Nandoo Birthday Interview

By - September 02, 2015 - 08:32 PM IST

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Telugu Cinema has witnessed a plethora of actors of late. There is a bunch of young actors who have been striking it big with their talent and caliber. One such actor who believed in hard work and dedication is none other than young actor Nandoo. Though he debuted along with heroine Anjali in the film Photo, he was first noticed in Sukumar’s 100% Love and his true acting potential was greatly appreciated in Auto Nagar Surya. Not just that, he caught the attention of mavericks like Ram Gopal Varma at a very early stage of his career. This young talent is celebrating his birthday today and here is an exclusive chitchat with the emerging star:

Hi Nandoo.. Happy birthday!
Hi.. thank you! (Smiles)

How different is this birthday for you?
It is definitely going to be special because of the audience’s love, good words of critics on my acting in Best Actors! On a personal front, this is my second birthday after wedding. I’m double happy with much peace and love in life!

Did you change any aspect of yourself from the last birthday?
Earlier I used to take lot of tensions relating to work and dealing with people and criticism. Now I feel I have matured a bit and I’m enjoying more peace at work and life as well.

Do you have any memorable birthday moments you want to share with us?
Four years ago, my dad surprised me by gifting my most favorite Safari car. I was really thrilled! Even my last year’s birthday was very special because it coincided with the star birthday of my wife Geetha. We both cut the cake together and it was one great moment!

Did you surprise Geetha with your special surprises any time? Does she do the same?
I personally love surprises and I do a lot! I know Geetha’s taste very well and once I purchased jewelry for Geetha and surprised her by gift packing the bill instead of the jewelry! (Laughs) Now as it is my birthday, I am indeed waiting for her big surprise! She cannot hold surprises for long actually! Last year she tried to surprise me planning a trip to Kerala but was caught in the last moment (Laughs)

Do you believe in resolutions? If so, what is it for this birthday?
Yes I do believe. I once decided not to take up alcohol and smoking and I could do that so far. And this year, I took the resolution to hit the gym no matter what!

Rate yourself as an actor and as a person on a scale of 5…
(Smiles) Hmmm… this is tough! I would rate as an actor somewhere at 2.5/5 and as a person 4/5.

Do you often evaluate your acting performances? Which is the most disappointing one? 
I of course do that. For example, for Paathshala I got lot of appreciation. But when I watch myself in that movie on TV, I feel I overdid few sequences! However, I also feel happy to see some sequences which come out well!

Best compliments you ever got for your acting?
That is for Auto Nagar Surya! It is a memorable one because director Deva Katta said "You are one of those few actors whom I don’t have to interact and explain about a scene. You are a thinking actor". He spoke high of me with my parents as well. Those words from a director like Deva garu are my biggest boosters.

You have come a long way as an actor now. How are you planning your career hereon?
I want to choose such films which are high on aesthetic values and entertainment quotient. I yearn to do a film like Premam sometime in the future! I am also glad that audience recognized my work now and I strongly believe in the combination of luck, hard work and the right time. I feel it is the only recipe for success.

Do you have any mentors and supporting people in the film industry?
Kona Venkat, BVS Ravi, and Gopi Mohan garu are my biggest pillars of support. The kind of feedback and guidence they give is priceless.

Do you idolize any hero in this industry?
Of course! I adore Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu and Ravi Teja a lot as actors and people off the screen!

How different do you think you are doing in this bottleneck competition amidst young actors in Tollywood?
Yes I do agree there is lot of competition and much bigger talent is coming now. But I think we share the same space. Yes, they are getting bigger hits, I need to get too!

How do you deal with controversies and online trolling in social media?
As an actor and in an industry where limelight is always there, there is no way out to escape such things. There is no freedom from such depressing acts and mostly we need to compromise. For instance, when I shared a funny pic about Prabhas & Mahesh, I had to face huge trolling and some even went to the extent of intimidating me of severe consequences. I personally know Prabhas and Mahesh Babu well and I'm a big fan of them both. You are cornered to support a particular star and writing high of a particular star is also criticized. Social media is a channel to voice out our feelings but unintended hatred and controversies are sprouting up. I have learnt to compromise, apologize and if possible stop posting stuff lke that.

Upcoming movies?
I am doing a Kannada movie named Madhanana - an exceptional subject with an extrordinary team. Besides that, I am playing the perfect baddie (villain) in my ongoing bilingual.

Okay..thanks and wishing you a great year ahead!
Thank you very much.

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