I would've been happy if Dynamite finished early: Manchu Vishnu Interview

By - September 02, 2015 - 07:57 PM IST

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Out of many young celebrity family heroes who graced the world of Tollywood, Manchu Vishnu is certainly unique. He has established himself as a good actor with his own set of positive aspects. He has done films ranging from comedy, action, thriller and even masala entertainers to keep his acting career versatile. Now he is all set to entertain the audience with an action entertainer Dynamite directed by versatile filmmaker Deva Katta. Here is an iQlik chitchat with the actor:

Hello Vishnu..

What made you accept a challenging script like Dynamite?
I watched the original Tamil version Arima Nambi and seriously wanted to remake it for Telugu audience. I was sure that if not me, some other Telugu hero would have surely done it! But I wanted to do it at any cost and hence took the rights!

Dynamite is being promoted as an action movie but Deva Katta has the image of being an intelligent filmmaker. Why did you choose him?
This film is a stylish action entertainer. It needed to be very trendy and when I thought of one contemporary Telugu filmmaker who follows every modern trend, I instantly remembered Deva Katta. We are good friends and often meet during weekend parties. We also share lot of good stuff together. I feel Deva Katta has great awareness regarding current trends and he portrayed the action scenes in Auto Nagar Surya with great care. Coming to his work in Dynamite, he did 100% justice!

How was it working with senior actor J.D.Chakravarthy for the first time?
He reprised the same character from the Tamil original. Chakarvathy is a fantastic actor and when Dad watched the Tamil film, he insisted that only JD should do the Telugu remake! I have nothing more to tell about his acting expertise. He proved his worth once again through Dynamite!

Please tell us about working with your co-star Pranitha again?
I worked with her in Paandavulu Paandavulu Thummedha and always admired her attitude and behavior on the sets. I seriously wanted to give a full length role and felt she is a perfect fit in Dynamite. Her role in this film isn’t like a regular female lead as she did some stunts as well.

There is a buzz that stunt master Vijayan is like the second director for this film. Your comment?
For any action oriented film good stunt master is a must. Vijayan did great work for many films. Dynamite’s story has great action element and Vijayan elevated it well.

Dynamite seems to have been wrapped up at a rapid pace?
We shot the film in 60 days in which 40 days were confined for action sequences alone. I’d have been happier if the film was completed in lesser duration! The production cost these days is skyrocketing and we need to control it by lessening the shooting time. In Hollywood, even the big budget films are done in less duration. More time is invested towards pre and post production. Such trend should come in Tollywood as well.

You have completed 10 successful years in the film industry. How was the journey?
I always focus on how to become a better performer and choose different subjects for my films. Ten years from now, I should be proud of the roles I chose. Acting in RGV’s Rowdy along with dad was such memorable experience. It fetched me highest returns as a producer too. My acting was praised in the film and I must say it got more name than a comedy entertainer like Denikaina Ready. I focus on doing more such memorable films.

Did you have regret about any film you did till now?
It might look as regret now but I always accepted every film whole heartedly. But if you ask me, Salim that released six years ago can be termed as regret. But I learnt a lot from the failure.

How do you prepare yourself to balance two responsibilities such as Producer and an actor?
It is sheer planning. My job as a producer is done during the pre-production phase itself. I don’t want to change anything during the shooting time. Once I hit the sets, my work is only to bring out the best actor in me.

What is your father’s involvement in your choice of scripts and film related work?
My dad is a senior most artist and has great experience in everything related to Cinema. His experience helps me alot in decision making but he never impose anything. Dad always gives good advices and gives me the needed creative space to take a self conscious decision.

You seem to have lot of inspiration from Hollywood movies?
Well, I watch every Hollywood movie and keep wondering why we don’t make such marvels. I don’t prefer doing films in regular format and want to try something new. Though the current trend is on family entertainers, I thought Dynamite would be a whiff of fresh air for the viewers. Audiences always welcome new films. It is us who should think on those lines!

Upcoming projects?
I am doing a film with Sai Karthik of Adda fame.

What about the prestigious project Bhakta Kannapa?
The pre-production work for it began already and we hope to hit the sets in January 2016.

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for Dynamite!
Thanks a lot! 

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