Singer Kousalya's Other Talent

By - September 03, 2015 - 03:20 PM IST

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The general perception we have about a celebrity is that he/she will be good at only one thing that they do. For instance, we feel actors are good at acting, singers are good at singing and directors are good at filmmaking. But among them, there are also those individuals who have other talents.

A classic example for that is singer Kousalya. So far, you have seen her onstage and behind the screen rendering her voice for some notable chartbusters. But did you know that Kousalya is not just good with her voice but also with her culinary skills. Yes, she happens to be a very good cook.

It is heard that whenever Kousalya is not working, she prefers to spend time in the kitchen and experiment on various dishes. These are times when many girls hate to step inside the kitchen but despite her busy schedule and assignments, Kousalya is reportedly passionate about cooking and makes some great delicacies. Way to go Kousalya!

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