Entire College Youth On This Film

By - September 03, 2015 - 03:25 PM IST

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Your secret to success in the entertainment industry lies in how good are you at attracting the youth audience. Those filmmakers who tap the pulse of the youth properly always score hits and become big names. Now, there is news that the Telugu youth are all talking about only one movie.

It is Kumari 21F and while the title itself is quite distinct and catchy, here is the actual stuff. The reason behind the college goers waiting for this movie is its producer. He is none other than logic director Sukumar. In the past, Sukumar has come up with some cult youth oriented movies.

Notable among them are Arya, 100 Percent Love which conveyed the youth pulse in the right way. And now, Sukumar has donned the avatar of a producer with this venture. The other highlight is the music by the dynamic Devi Sri Prasad. It has been a while since a proper college oriented flick came so maybe this could be the one. 

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