Vishnu never behaved like an authoritative Producer: JD Chakravarthy Interview

By - September 03, 2015 - 03:30 PM IST

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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma’s first film Shiva became a defining moment for many actors and technicians in the 80s era. One brilliant actor who made his in this film is none other than Chakravarthy. His role JD in the film became so famous that his name became JD.Chakravarthy right from then. He acted in many memorable youthful films later such as Money, Anaganaga Oka Roju and One By Two later. Despite the rough patch he faced after that, he could consistently make an impact with his presence in films. Now he will be seen as a villain in Manchu Vishnu’s Dynamite. Here is an exclusive chitchat with this versatile actor:

Hello Chakravarthy garu..

After a long time you are doing a film in Telugu!
Yes, it is a long break but not a wrong break (Smiles).

You already acted in Arima Nambi, the original for Dynamite. How did you convince yourself to act in the remake?
I did feel it was routine initially. Acting for the same role in a remake is difficult because you need to carry the exact emotions and present the same look. That led me to say that I wouldn’t do this film and kept it in pending for two months. But director Deva Katta requested that I allow to speak to him once. Many directors just make a scene by scene copy of a remake as there is an easy reference. Arima Nambi was a great hit but there were some loopholes which could have been avoided. Surprisingly, the same loopholes were mentioned by Deva Katta and I was readily impressed. Deva rectified those loopholes for Telugu version. He is a great friend of mine and has good vision. Usually, audience would expect Hero’s introduction with a powerful fight but there is no such thing in Dynamite. Deva still got the same emotion without including such routine sequences.

What is your favourite quality in Deva Katta?
It is a great sign that educated people are entering into film industry as directors. Deva is not only educated in academics but also in cinema. It is like a double asset! He is a genuine director.

How was it working with a younger hero like Manchu Vishnu for the first time?
Vishnu never behaved like an authoritative producer on sets. He used to do his work in a dedicated manner. He selected a great team for this project. There was one scene where I had to drag him on floor and hit him fewer times. When I hit only 2-3 times he was insisting that I hit more number of times so that impact would be better. Actors of this generation are more matured. Previously, even if I called a fellow hero “Yera!” the assistant director used to warn me politely not to do that. But this generation heroes know that for a character to excel, anything should be done.

There is a buzz about the movie that once you enter in the film, the film reaches to new level?
The first 15 minutes of the film progresses in one manner and after that it changes drastically. Irrespective of the debate about whether I am a hero or villain, my role has equal importance as much as the lead actor. While Hero has a female lead, even my character has! It is up to you to decide what my role exactly is like after watching it!

What is the particular reason for your extended long breaks in Telugu Cinema?
I am not bothered about consistent role chances in any film industry. I like to create chances by own. Until I get a role which excites me, I wouldn’t mind to remain idle! I’ve been doing some great films in Tamil and Malayalam meanwhile. I acted in a film called Bhaskar the Rascal which became a great hit. There are chances that it would be remade in all South Indian languages and Hindi too. I would be acting in remake version as well.

Do you have any personal preferences for accepting a role?
I would prefer working with a director who visualize me in a totally different manner. I am doing a Tamil film called Zero and I was stunned by the director’s vision for my character in it. I kept on wondering how could visualize me in that way! The genre also is totally new.

You also have experience as a director. Do you like to give advices for your directors on sets?
Once I go to sets, I like to be an actor alone. I am strongly opposed to give advices for directors. However, I do give ideas about improvising in acting. It is up to the director to take it or not.

When will you work with your favourite director RGV again?
I am doing a film under his banner as a director. He will be directing me for another film as well!

Okay.. thanks and wish you the best for Dynamite!
Thank you!

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