Varma's Romance In Switzerland

By - September 07, 2015 - 04:49 PM IST

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The moment you hear the name Varma you will automatically connect it to the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma given the brand profiling he has done for himself. But the Varma we are talking about is not him but another filmmaker who has got his own share of good movies and not so good ones.

He is none other than Ramesh Varma and currently he is in Switzerland. He has not gone there for a romantic holiday but for doing something romantic. Well, Varma is there to shoot a very romantic song on the lead pair of his new movie. They are the duo of Naga Shaurya and Palak.

The name of this new project is Abbayi Tho Ammayi and the shooting has been happening briskly. It is heard that the romantic song in Switzerland will be a highlight and the film is not just meant for the youth audience but will also have sufficient commercial elements for the masses. Get set for this then.

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