Suma-Rajeev's Son Debuting Shortly

By - September 11, 2015 - 11:27 AM IST

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It appears that a new season is currently being observed in Tollywood and this is about the foraying of star kids. At the top level, we already have Akkineni Akhil busy with the shooting of his debut flick and news has already begun to make rounds about Nandamuri Mokshagnya’s arrival as well.

At another level, the son of senior actor Naresh has also started his journey as a hero. Now, another star kid is expected to come as well but he is in his early teens. His name is Roshan and he happens to be the son of the noted actor Rajeev Kanakala and his very famous anchor wife Suma.

Buzz is that the shooting for this movie has already commenced but it is not sure if master Roshan is coming as a solo hero or part of a principal cast.  It is also heard that this film is going to be a complete youthful entertainer. Iqlik wishes the best of success to this budding talent.

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