Slimmed Sonia

By - September 26, 2015 - 12:59 PM IST

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Even before you begin to think why we are talking about the aged politician Sonia Gandhi, let us clear the air for you. We are talking about the beautiful Sonia Agarwal who was once the queen of Tamil cinema and she was gutsy enough to quit her career at the peak and marry someone she loved.

Time has passed and today Sonia is on a second innings spree and trying to make her presence felt. She was seen in a cameo in the hit movie Temper but her natural beauty and charms still exist. Now, she has taken it to a new level. Well, Sonia has emerged in a rather new avatar.

She is being seen in a very slim and slender shape and all are gasping looking at her newfound beauty. During her heydays, Sonia also looted the Telugu hearts with her movie 7G Brindavan Colony and if only she manages to get few more offers with her new look, her admirers and well wishers would be thrilled!

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