Telugu Films For Oscar?

By - September 26, 2015 - 12:52 PM IST

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The relation between movies and their success has always been based upon their box office result but there is something more to it than just money. The real essence of cinema lies in conveying the right emotion and depth to the audience in an art-form. This is where the thinking audience come into the picture.

A genuine recognition to that happens in the prestigious Oscar Awards and it must be said that Indian cinema has never been able to create an impact on that platform. More precisely, Tollywood is miles away from that kind of movies till date. But now, a new opinion being expressed strongly is, this should change.

We are seeing films touching 100 Cr budget and collections and this is good but it is also time we prove that we can make content based movies. This year, a modest budget Marathi movie Court went to Oscars. Don’t we have that type of filmmakers who can create something worthy of showing on international platform? Time to spare a serious thought on this.

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