Heroines Into Film Production

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If you were to rank all the 24 crafts of cinema then perhaps the most thankless but the first important role is that of a producer. He is the one who pumps in the money to create a project and is the worst affected when it doesn’t work at the box office. Despite that, the passion for cinema drives many into production.

It takes a lot of awareness, knowledge and skill to do film production and those who are quite seasoned get into it. However, in the recent times, even some of the heroines have taken a plunge. In Bollywood, the likes of Shilpa Shetty, Preity Zinta, Dia Mirza have got their share of production ventures.

In south, former heroines Raasi and Jeevitha became producers. Now, the time has come for the cute smile queen Samantha to join the club. Grapevine is strong that Samantha has bought the full Telugu rights of her Tamil movie 24 wherein she is pairing up with Vikram. Here’s wishing Samantha the best of success if this is true and may she produce many more projects in the future.

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