Beautiful Ladies On Sweating Audience

By - September 26, 2015 - 11:01 AM IST

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What are the reasons you start sweating even when you are in an air conditioned place? It could either be out of excitement or extreme fear. This usually happens when you are in a theater watching a beautiful heroine onscreen. This is something the beautiful ladies are also aware of.

But there seems to be a change in their strategy. Apparently, during earlier times, in order to get good name and fame, actresses need to do a fair amount of skin show and up their glamour quotient from time to time. But now they have decided to do that by causing fear among the viewers.

Lately, they are opting to do horror flicks. The latest addition to that is noted anchor Sreemukhi, she has come with the movie Chandrika. This trend started from Chandramukhi and since then we have seen many movies like Mangala, Arundhati, Geetanjali, Prema Katha Chitram and others shaking the audience and winning accolades for the beautiful ladies.

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