What's the logic in Hero's Speech?

By - October 03, 2015 - 01:30 PM IST

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When you are part of a conversation and someone is speaking, you tend to evaluate the logic and reasoning in what they say and react accordingly. The reaction is hundred times more when the opposite person happens to be a very big film star. This gets further sensitive when the star is speaking on a public forum.

True to that, some of them had a question mark on their face when they heard the young tiger Junior NTR speaking. Apparently, Junior was there to launch the teaser of the new movie Kumari 21F being helmed by logic director Sukumar. Sharing his thoughts, NTR reportedly said Sukumar made flops but still earned respect from audience in theatres.

Hearing this, those who have a question mark on their face were whispering like this “When a movie flops it means it didn’t get audience recognition. So, what is the logic in Junior’s statement.” Well, there was no underlying motive in his speech but what he wanted to convey was the ability of Sukumar which is worth praising.

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