Baahubali-2 Pushed to 2017?

By - October 06, 2015 - 12:47 PM IST

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Whenever a series of films are planned at a breathtakingly large scale, the pressure for the sequel to be better than its predecessor is inevitable. People would expect more action, better scenes and even better narration if a sequel is announced.

The similar situation happened perhaps the first time ever in Telugu Cinema with Baahubali. This magnum opus project has enthralled the audience so much, that they cannot wait for the sequel to be released soon. In fact, the end credits frame in first part showed that Baahubali-2 will be releasing in 2016. But as Baahubali’s first installment became such a massive hit thereby expanding the market values of Tollywood, Rajamouli is planning to make Baahubali-2 a better viewing experience by making changes to the entire script.

He is apparently planning to reshoot the whole film with additional attractions and bigger sets- to give a never before seen experience for the Telugu audience. The budget naturally has been pushed to a staggering amount of 500 crores now.

Now, all this rehash for such a big project will take a little more time for the makers of Baahubali. Hence, the release date has been pushed to a year further- that is 2017! If Rajamouli’s fans understand their favourite filmmaker perfectly, this delay is only to provide a greater experience for them.

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