Truth behind Rajamouli's Garuda News

By - October 06, 2015 - 12:50 PM IST

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There are very few filmmakers in Tollywood who are as popular as the star heroes themselves. One such brilliant filmmaker in modern Telugu Cinema is none other than S.S.Rajamouli. He reached new heights with the commercial success of Magadheera and his popular knew no bounds with his latest project Baahubali now. Obviously, his fans as well as normal film goers are curious to know which film he would do next.

There was a buzz that he would be doing a prestigious project called Garuda which will be made on a herculean budget of 1000 crores next. The entire media fraternity actively discussed about this prospect and who would be featuring it. However, Rajamouli broke the suspense by shunning away such possibility and said that he already has a dream project to make a film on Hindu Epic Mahabharata and not sure of when that would happen.

Rajamouli also stressed saying that he is currently so busy with Baahubali’s second installment that he doesn’t have time to think of any other project until it is complete. With the current schedule, Baahubali-2 is expected to release by the end of 2017 and the film’s promotional activities would take up lot of energy. As a result, the intelligent filmmaker said in a final tone that there wouldn’t be thought about any such big project until Baahubali-2 is done.

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