Valid Reason For Chiranjeevi's Anger

By - October 10, 2015 - 09:09 AM IST

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Once you become a celebrity you got to be extremely careful about what you say or do especially in a public forum. And if you are someone like megastar Chiranjeevi then the scanners are even deeper and reactions are extra sensitive. This is the reason why one video has been going viral the last few days.

Apparently, the video shows Chiru blasting a fan and using the word ‘Stupid Fellows’. This was sufficient for everyone to make a lot of Hungama but truth is, there is valid reason for Chiranjeevi’s anger. There is also evidence as to why he said that. Chiru was not addressing all fans but one single fan.

If you can hear his words rightly, it is evident that due to the extraas of one particular over enthusiastic fan who was waving frantically and saying Namaste several times while Chiru was giving speech which distracted the megastar. So, Chiru cannot be blamed.

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