Gunasekhar's 'Prataparudrudu' Announced

By - October 09, 2015 - 06:29 PM IST

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To those of you who are not aware, Prataparudrudu was the grandson of the warrior queen Rudramadevi and his name is gaining a lot of attention now. The reason for that is the last frame seen in the magnum opus Rudramadevi which has been helmed and produced by the grandeur director Gunasekhar.

Apparently, few years ago, when Gunasekhar came up with the movie Sainikudu the last scene shows an auto going away and at its rear, the name of Gona Gannareddy is seen. At that point, Gunasekhar was keen to do a movie on Gona Gannareddy but due to budget issues, he could not.

Later on, he shifted the story track towards Rudramadevi and gave Gona Gannareddy a meaty place in the movie. Taking the incident of Sainikudu as the cue, the talk now is that Gunasekhar might well be planning for a movie on Prataparudrudu. Will he or will he not is the big question to be answered now.

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