Nagababu garu gave me the Biggest Compliment: Pragya Jaiswal Interview

By - October 21, 2015 - 03:54 PM IST

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Pragya Jaiswal is one of the most promising and anticipated Telugu debut actresses this year. She is a perfect combination of beauty and brains as she holds a Law degree from Symbiosis Pune. Pragya will be seen in Krish’s Kanche opposite Varun Tej which is releasing this Oct 22 as a Dussehra gift. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actress:

Hello Pragya..

How did you get the chance to act in Kanche?
I knew Krish since the time I went for auditioning a role in Gabbar is Back. That’s how he remembered me! He called me up and told the story of Kanche.

Please tell us about your character in this film..
I play the role of a wealthy girl but with a kind heart. She is that sort of a person who would bestow all her trust in one person and go to any limit to sustain the trust.

This role must be quite tough for you as it is a period film. How did you prepare yourself for it?
I watched a lot of old classics and practiced the body language of princesses. I tried to grasp the soul of old time women and adapted to that style.

What can we expect from Kanche?
Kanche might look like a war drama but it is actually a feel good love story. The film speaks of the purity in love, what sort of problems occur and eventually how did we succeed in it.

How was the working experience with Krish?
I personally learnt a lot of things from Krish. One needs to just follow what he enacts during a scene and rest is done.

Did you feel any awkward moment while acting with Varun- who is so tall!
(Smiles) Not at all! Because even I am also quite tall.

How was it working with Mega hero Varun Tej?
He works very hard for each scene and is quite friendly with everyone on the sets. I really admire his dedication towards cinema.

Is there any best compliment you received for your performance in Kanche?
Well, Varun’s dad Nagababu told me that I looked like yesteryear heroine Kanchana garu which itself is a greatest compliment. He even said that I was the perfect casting for Kanche. I am really indebted to the support Mega family gave me for the film.

Your first film Mirchi Lanti Kurradu was a flop. How did you deal with it?
I take every film as a good learning experience irrespective of the result. Hence, I didn’t take it like a personal failure.

Did you find it difficult to act in Telugu- a language which isn’t your mother tongue?
I can understand Telugu but cannot speak fluently. However, I am learning quickly and I had a great time during the sets to get the words right!

Going by the trailer, the villain’s role seems to be equally powerful as the hero. How was it working with Nikitin Dheer?
His acting prowess can be best watched on screen more than my words! As he hails from Bollywood, we used to comfortably chat around during the filming.

Upcoming projects?
I will be doing a Hindi film soon and few other scripts are under discussion at the present.

Did you watch your film Kanche already?
No! I am quite excited to watch in theatres along with the audience. A unique experience for the audience is guaranteed in Kanche. It will take them back to a bygone era.

About Telugu Film Industry...
I feel Tollywood respects talent very much otherwise I wouldn’t have got this golden chance. I am looking forward to do more films in Telugu just for this reason.

Okay..thank you and wish you the best for Kanche!
Thanks a lot!

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