Wannabe Music Directors Should Know This

By - October 21, 2015 - 04:33 PM IST

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Just like there is a flood of aspiring actors in the pipeline, there must be those among you who are aspiring to become music directors. Fact remains that there is immense competition in this segment too and the scope of opportunities is comparatively less when compared to that for actors.

So, here is an important tip being considered for all wannabe music directors. It is being noticed that preference is being given only to those music directors who have strong command over keyboard. Incidentally, those who are proficient in that can compose tunes in a jiffy.

If you look at the noted music directors such as A R Rahman, Mani Sharma, Harris Jayaraj, Thaman, Yuvan Shankar Raja and others, they all have solid grip over keyboard. This gives a good understanding of how music instruments work and composing a tune doesn’t become an issue anymore. 

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