Why Is Charmme Worried?

By - November 02, 2015 - 05:23 PM IST

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There is an unusual connection that tends to build between the fans and their favorite hero or heroines. It gets so strong that even a small reaction from their favorite results in a lot of reaction from the followers. And these instances are more among the fans of beautiful heroines and actresses.

In that aspect, the charming beauty Charmme is quite popular among the youth and masses. True to that, she is very active on social media and every statement of hers draws attention. But this time, she came up with few tweets which showed that she is already getting worried. Well, Charmme’s tweets go like this-

‘2015 coming to an end ALREADY’

‘World is ever changing. Humanity is ever lasting. Time is always ending.’

The reactions came in different forms. Some fans are asking it is about time Charmme is yet to be married and few commented what is there to worry. Anyhow, let us wish Charmme’s worry comes down soon.

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