Long Legged Lady's Life Lessons

By - November 02, 2015 - 05:31 PM IST

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There is a natural tendency among most of us to emulate the thoughts and statements from some of the famous film stars. This is because cinema is an integral part of many lives in India and film celebrities are considered as role models by many. True to that, some celebs seem to awaken the wisdom in them.

This is the thought being expressed by those who are following the luscious seductress Lakshmi Rai on her Twitter. Apparently, Lakshmi is known to be a very active individual on social media and most of her tweets revolve around her movies, her thoughts but lately she came up with tweets which caught attention of many.

Well, the long legged lady is coming up with tweets which are more like lessons of life for all. Below are two samples that should give you a clear idea. Not sure what is the reason behind this philosophy now-

‘Fight for your dreams and your dreams will fight for you’

‘Don't try too hard to fit in, you are born to stand out’

Only Lakshmi can answer this one.

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