'I had a Tough time working with Brahmanandam garu'- Akhil Special Interview

By - November 07, 2015 - 04:02 PM IST

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The young and charming hero Akhil shined in a mini cameo last year for Akkineni family film Manam. He became the talk of the town for his stylish antics, baritone voice and it was clear that he would be making a debut as full time hero soon. Rightfully, Akhil planned his debut on a grand scale with V.V.Vinayak and worked in Supernatural movie Akhil which is going to be releasing as a Diwali treat for fans. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the budding star hero:

Hello Akhil.. how are you doing?
Hi.. I am doing great!

Your debut film is finally releasing! Are you nervous?
Yes of course. I am quite nervous and it is inexplicable. Especially when the film was postponed I got even more tensed. I am sure I won’t be able to sleep on 10th November- the day before the film’s release!

Did you regret about the delay which happened for the film’s release?
I strongly believe that everything happens for our own good. CG work is a complex task and cannot happen as per plan. Even big films like Baahubali were delayed due to the same. The delay is only to provide quality output and we are happy that the final film came out well.

There was a buzz that you had differences with your Dad because of Akhil’s delay?
That is a big joke. People just scribbled without knowing the actual truth behind what exactly happened. The real truth is that I was tensed and Dad used all his experience and guided us perfectly in the right moment. I was quite helpless and it was Dad who came forward to help me in such tough situation.

Are you totally satisfied with the output of Akhil?
I can confidently say we gave 100% for the film and are determined to make a film which would gain audience’s appreciation. We will have to see how the audience receive it!

It is said that you worked quite hard for the introduction song?
Yes. I had to keep the extra effort because I was dancing for the first time that too for Akkineni fans. We tried something quite different and special for the song. While the song runs for 5 minutes, we worked for 12 days with 18 hours each day. My styling, looks and appearance is quite new and different. Johnny master did a fantastic job in choreographing it. It is an out and out team effort.

How are the fights going to be in Akhil?
For the dances I give the entire credit to the team. However, I always liked fights since childhood and undergone special training in Thailand under Kicha master for three months. The unique factor about the fights is that they are quite thrilling. We worked really hard for the best output.

You searched a lot before accepting Akhil as the final debut film. Did you have any particular genre story in mind?
I didn’t have any particular genre in mind. We heard numerous stories before selecting this. It was my producer Nithiin who brought this story to me.  I wanted a filmmaker who is quite experienced instead of a debutante because if it is a debut director, I will have to guide him. I wouldn’t have done it well because I myself am a debutante. Vinayak sir was the perfect choice because he is greatly experience in the world of Telugu Cinema.

Is there any reason for naming the film after you?
I don’t think the same title would have been apt if any other hero acted in it. My character’s name is Akhil in the film and when fans asked Vinayak sir why the same name was used, he said that Akkineni fans like the name a lot and hence the decision.

Your working experience with female lead Sayesha Saigal?
She is a talented actress and came from a great family background. Nobody would believe it is her first film. Sayesha is a wonderful dancer who is well versed in 5-6 dance forms. I must say she gave me tough competition in dance!

Do you have any particular image idea for your acting career?
I don’t want to confine to only one genre with respect to films. I am keen on doing all kinds of films.

Did you have any difficulty in any aspect while making Akhil?
I find acting in comedy scenes to be quite difficult. I had a tough time working with Brahmanandam garu and used to burst out laughing leading to 15 cuts for each scene! I want to improve on this front from my next film and am confident on that.

You are a cricketer as well and had a sports background. Do you plan to do any such film based on sports in near future?
I am willing to do but convincing story is needed. I don’t want to choose just because I like sports. We need good characterizations and script. I liked Rajamouli’s Sye a lot in the genre of sports films and it was made with perfect professional way. The audience are already introduced to various sports in intricate detail thanks to Television. I want to make a sports film only if the script is that detailed and will take every precaution and care for it.

Do you have any inspirations with respect to dance?
I admire Chiranjeevi’s dance a lot and take it as constant inspiration. I also love Prabhu Deva’s dance moves.

Your producer Nithiin is also a good friend of yours. Was it helpful?
Being a hero as well, Nithiin knows about the surmounting pressure a debutante goes through. He made sure that all that pressure is taken away off my head.

What was the reason to include CG work for Akhil at such great detail?
We had to include CG based on the storyline. The climax sequence features a fight underwater and for that, it is difficult to shoot in natural locations. We had to use CG for such sequences and that was the main reason for film’s delay.

When Akhil was postponed, there was lot of negative talk about the film. Were you concerned about it?
I know about the negative talks but I am confident that once the film releases, it will be a fitting answer to all that.

There is a buzz that you are going to do a film with Trivikram next?
I still wonder how it spread outside that I would be doing a film with either Trivikram or Puri Jagannadh. I can only say nothing has been confirmed yet. However, I would want to work with Trivikram in the near future.

Do you have any plan for acting career?
I want to do only one film after the other. This is quite important to have a career which spans for long run. I don’t want to rush into accepting too many films at once.

Is it true that you got Bollywood offers too?
Yes. I did get Bollywood offers but before accepting them I want to prove myself in the home ground- that is Tollywood. I want to have the entire focus only on Telugu films as of now.

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for debut film Akhil!
Thanks a lot!

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