Happy Birthday to Lokanayakudu & Maatala Maantrikudu

By - November 07, 2015 - 12:18 PM IST

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In the realm of Indian Cinema which is so vast to analyze or even relate, it would be interesting to see how similarly some film personalities approach the same aspect- that is Cinema. No matter how different the paths are, the passion towards this one field called Cinema makes them similar. By following the regular path of commerciality and business, they make sure that their work speaks their mind and also make the audience think about the way life is led.

One mesmerizing actor, director, singer, dancer and producer is none other than Kamal Hassan. With a remarkable career spanning over 50 years till date, this film personality breathes and lives Cinema in every word he utters. His dedication towards films can be seen in his every action as he constantly thrives to experiment and open for more such new ideas. Whatever Kamal Hassan does is a gold standard – in every field he takes up. He redefined the way a role should be carried in the era of 70s where over dramatization was the norm. Kamal Hassan always underplays a role thereby creating much more lasting impact on the viewer. The scene where he acted as Balu in Sagara Sanganam knowing the news of his mother’s death itself is a classic example of this fact. His dance moves speak of grace- let it be any form such as Classical or even Rock and Roll! Kamal Hassan was one actor who chose to make a silent film Pushpaka Vimaanam and even adorn a “Puli Vesham” for the crazy mass look in Vichitra Sodarulu!

There is another dialogue writer cum director who also breathes Cinema and succeeds in fusing life’s biggest truths in every line written. He doesn’t do this like a preaching at any point of time but with great coolness without missing entertainment! His is exceedingly calm during speeches but every word uttered by him shoots us like an arrow. People flock to his films just to make note and analyze every line he writes and by now it must be evident it is Maatala Mantrikudu Trivikram Srinivas. After legendary Jandhyala, it is Trivikram who got the much needed respect to a dialogue writer for Telugu Films. He chose the simple and lucid way to express the biggest and complex truths about life through his realistic characters. Whenever a Trivikram film is aired on TV, it is like a family viewing activity in every Telugu household for sure!

These two legendary film personalities incidentally share their birthday and iQlikmovies wishes both of them a very happy birthday and a creative year ahead!

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