Nothing But Ali's Live Jabardasth?

By - November 07, 2015 - 04:43 PM IST

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Almost all of you are well aware of the TV show ‘Jabardasth’ which is an outright comedy program. In one of the episodes, comedian Dhanraj once commented about Anasuya’s legs especially her shapely calves. In a similar manner, in Khaleja movie also a dialogue on Anushka’s calf muscles was there.

Lately, a discussion is on about Ali’s comment on Anushka’s thighs and few ladies are causing quite an uproar over that. So, Ali is reportedly saying that in Khaleja the dialogue was about her calf muscles and now it is about her thighs, what is wrong with that.

Just like ‘Jabardasth’ jokes, he is doing it live in audio functions, Jabardasth has got TRP and even Ali is in demand because his anchoring brings a lot of audience. However some section of audience are saying Ali to withdraw his comments and some are saying to ignore this matter without giving such priority.

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