Rudramadevi- Finally Hit or Flop?

By - November 16, 2015 - 04:56 PM IST

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Gunasekhar’s brainchild Rudramadevi is one unique magnum opus that garnered huge expectations due to its content with historical significance. With some big names like Anushka, Allu Arjun & Rana in its ensemble cast, the film created ripples in the market. After a 2yr long hardship, the film finally hit the theatres this Oct 9 amidst unfavorable atmosphere and bagged a lukewarm reception from the audience. Though the film’s story was strong and competent enough, the film failed to measure up to the expectations.

With the given scale of release and the initial talk of the film, trade analysts predicted this film would bring maximum deficit to Producer-Director Gunasekhar. However, after its total run, Rudramadevi is estimated to have collected over Rs 86 Cr (Gross) and Rs 50 Cr (share) worldwide. Across the two Telugu states it collected about Rs 49.70 Cr (Gross) and Rs 33.70 Cr (share). Having made over budget of Rs 70+ Cr, Rudramadevi managed to recover just Rs 50 Cr for producer-director Gunasekhar with an estimated loss between Rs 15-20 crores. While it is indeed a bitter fact for the fans to digest, on the brighter side, Gunasekhar has survived with minor loss percentage given the initial estimation and predictions.

On a whole Rudramadevi content is a Hit but sadly, it is considered a commercially Flop! However, Gunasekhar succeeds in making us relive us the glory of the Kakatiya Empire and in turn inspiring the aspiring filmmakers to dream and work big!

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