'Melodious Extravaganza!'- Abbayitho Ammayi Audio Review

By - November 19, 2015 - 11:51 AM IST

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Abbayitho Ammayi is an upcoming romantic film starring Naga Shourya and Palak Lalwani in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Ilaiyaraaja and here is an iQlik exclusive audio review of the album:

The groovy album begins on a modern note with Reena Macarena sung by Piyush Kapoor. The track has trademark Ilaiyaraaja style bass work and topped with funky lyrics. The interludes are swiftly woven with trendy beats and effective looping. Here is the modern Ilaiyaaraja signature track for the listeners!

Eduru Chusthunna is a fantastic melody effectively tossed with guitars and string touches. Vibhavari does a commendable job in making it an enjoyable hearing where the bass work neatly follows the lead. The mild harp touches add to the graceful solo and also carry a gypsy guitar flavor throughout.  This track carries the soul of the album effortlessly.

The album gathers slight pace with Tholi Paruvam sung by Satya Prakash and Vibhavari with excellent lyric by Rehman. Both the vocalists adopt the mellowed style of singing in the midst of heavy sequencing and loops- which is somewhat novel for Ilaiyaraaja’s songs. Nevertheless, the inherent melodious beauty isn’t taken for granted anywhere at all. Watch out for the faint violin symphony which sincerely follows the lead throughout the composition!

Musical poetry gets a new meaning with Maatallo Cheppaleni sung by masterful Karthik. In the midst of heavy sounding melodious of current day Telugu songs, this track brings about a welcome change with sweetness and laid back nature. One can hear the thrilling modern style usage of loops and instruments in interludes.

The laid back mode continues with Kanulu Kalanu Piliche sung brilliantly by Haricharan and husky voiced Chinmayee. It is like a one way trip to bliss with relaxing harp, chord progression and what not? This song would definitely remind the listener of Maestro’s yesteryear compositions. A very special mention should be made for the lyrics which speak of the simple things in life in breathtaking manner.

Okkasari O Vayyari is a modern jazz feast with fantastic brilliant keys and live drumming. Yazin Nazir and Rita nail it down perfectly with their piece of melodious vocals with a tinge of trendiness. It is the most entertaining song of the album with fun elements!

The relaxing mode is sustained with Saradaga sung with great ease by Mansi, Ramya and Rita. The modern jazz touches which are so trademark of Ilaiyaraaja’s post 2000 era is clearly reflected in this song. The mesmerizing guitar takes a wonderful detour and expands to lovely horizons throughout!

The finale occurs with title song Abbayitho Ammayi (Male) with lyrics penned by Sirasri and sung by Piyush Kapoor. It has a melancholic ambience set in a modern atmosphere. It makes a brief presence and noted one.

Abbayitho Ammayi (Female) is a brief bit song sung by Aparna which has an eeriness and melodious feel blended in an effortless manner.


Abbayitho Ammayi is a wonderful album from Maestro Ilaiyaaraja which suits the film’s theme in his trademark fashion. The album has an ample mix of melodies, funky songs and most importantly – it is quite soulful!

Rating: 3.25/5

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