Differences b/w Trivikram & Top Technician?

By - November 21, 2015 - 06:53 PM IST

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This showbiz world is a money-driven world but it is equally true that it is a creative business. Nonetheless to say, creative differences are a part of this business and we heard of many rifts and patch ups time and again. Now we are going to report about one such professional fissure between two top notch creative technicians of South Indian cinema.

They are none other Trivikram Srinivas and Art director Rajeevan. Both of them are big guns in their respective fields and we admire these creative geniuses for that. When they joined hands for an upcoming film A.. Aa (Anasuya Ramalingam vs Aanand Vihari), the excitement of Telugu movie lovers knew no boundaries. But as per latest reports, they have parted ways due to creative differences and hence the shooting of the film has been called off. The exact reason behind the rift is yet to be known but we are hopeful that the makers would soon find a way to bring them together or get a new Art director for this film.

Haarika & Haasine Creations, the makers of A.. Aa starring Nithiin, Samantha & Anupama Parameshwaran (Malayalam actress who played Mary in Premam) have roped in some big names like cinematographer Natarajan Subramaniam (of Ranjhanaa fame) for this project. This film also marks the debut of music sensation Anirudh Ravichandran in Telugu cinema. We wish the film resumes its shooting and we get to enjoy this unique offering from Trivikram in early 2016!

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