RGV Satires on Big Star Heroes

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The quirky filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma can be called more entertaining off the camera these days because of his constant satires, interesting questions and crazy ideas about current happenings around the World. While the director was at a short dispute with Veerappan’s wife Muthulakshmi regarding Killing Veerappan’s release, it has been successfully cleared and RGV is back with fresh set of satires!

RGV tweeted that the ongoing Chennai floor tragedy has created more tension and damage than any terrorist alive and it looks like a joke when star heroes are donating lakhs of rupees for a devastation which is at thousand crore scale. He even called the donations alms saying it is better not to give such tiny amount and prove their love in such terrible way.

The crazy director said that love is free and hence celebrities give it in huge quantities but when it comes to money, everybody acts stingy. The highlight is RGV wondering why Superstar Rajnikanth didn’t do anything to stop this devastating rain!

Though RGV’s tone of commenting sounds like satirical, there is definitely some reasoning and meaning in what he has spoken to! Here are some tweets-

Vandala vandala Kotlunna super starlu vela vela kotlu nashtapoyina chennailaki aidhu Padhi lakshalu bichchameyyadam?

Ayyababooi super starlu 10 lakshalu 5 lakshslu isthe antha dabbu yem chesukovalo theliyaka chennaiprajalu moorchapotharu. ivvakapovadam btr

As per me I never donated one rupee and am supremely selfish unlike celebs who give quintals of prayers and tonnes of love

Celebs give quintals of prayers and tonnes of love,but very very few rupees because prayers and love are cheap an money costs money

I wonder why Rajnikant dint do anything to stop the rain?

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