Star Son's Debut with Kona's Script

By - December 14, 2015 - 10:17 AM IST

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The entertainment industry is currently following a smart approach wherein a film becomes a hit in one language, immediately its remake rights are bought and made into other languages. Most of the times, the hit movies are originating from Tollywood making it the best market for remake scripts.

The latest in that list is the recent release Sankarabharanam featuring the vibrant hero Nikhil and the big eyed cutie pie Nanditha. Sources reveal the entire south India rights are with the star writer Kona Venkat who played a very important role in the shaping up of this movie.

Now, he has gone ahead and sold the Kannada remake rights and inside news reveals he got a bomb of a price for this. The Kannada makers are planning to launch a Star Hero Son with this film. Kona still retains the remake rights for Tamil and Malayalam and already there is news that an even bigger offer has come for Malayalam rights. This is turning out to be a very profitable venture for Kona Venkat.

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