Bajirao Vs Baahubali: Result Declared?

By - December 18, 2015 - 07:13 PM IST

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When the magnum opus Baahubali arrived, it received appreciation from all corners of the country especially Bollywood. But at the same time, few filmmakers got onto the job of coming up with a movie that can beat Baahubali. One movie which has that potential is Bajirao Mastani.

Many feel this is the only movie that can be compared is with Baahubali this year because the grandeur is superb. However, the war sequences were just about okay. Though it is a warrior’s story it is more about love and emotions between him and a woman.

The response has been overwhelming for Bajirao Mastani but how long will it sustain? Can it get past Baahubali? It is a direct Hindi film with star power so we have to wait and see because ultimately the collections will decide which is a better movie.

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