I Only Suggested Prudhvi's Comedy Track: Gopichand Exclusive Interview

By - December 19, 2015 - 03:47 PM IST

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The acting career of Gopichand is quite inspiring in Telugu film arena. Though he debuted into film industry with a love story, he struck gold with negative roles after Jayam. After that he appeared in similar roles for hit films such as Nijam and Varsham. But he slowly emerged as an ideal action hero with macho looks later.  His last film Jil left him disappointed despite good technical values and songs, but the actor is determined to score another hit with his new film Soukyam. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hello Gopichand..

Was there any sentiment behind naming your new film as Soukyam, after your former super hit Loukyam?
Not at all. It was purely by coincidence we named it Soukyam. Moreover, the title is perfect for the story and it was director as well as producer’s decision.

Well, Soukyam sounds little difficult to pronounce correctly..
It is a native Telugu word and carries lot of indigenous feel.

How is your character going to be in this flick?
I play a peculiar role where he doesn’t want to affect other’s comfort and at the same time doesn’t spare if anybody attacks his comfort zone. There is a catchy punchline “Nenu evaritho pettukonu, pettukunte vere pani pettukonu!” explains my character perfectly.

What is quite unique about Soukyam?
In short, Soukyam is a regular commercial film. The story is quite regular but the treatment is novel. There are ample twists which would keep the audience engaged to the film.

You seem to be edging towards family dramas after Loukyam?
The audience is finding more fun in family oriented films. My main aim is to do entertainment oriented films.

Don’t you think the audience are bored with similar pattern films?
I don’t think so. As long as the treatment is new and different, such films will be admired. Tamil audience can accept raw taking but Telugu audience want a little fun element in films.

Did you ever want to make experimental films?
I prefer not to risk the money of distributors or producers for the sake of mere experimentation. The main reason for this is because cinema is a huge business and the worst affected would be these two people alone.

But you can experiment films in low budget..
True but a good story and a director with conviction is needed for it.

How was it working with Regina for the first time?
I haven’t watched her previous films. It was the director who recommended her name and I must say she did a great job. Her character is quite strong. In fact, every character has some crucial importance to the main story.

Does it mean Soukyam will not be hero centric?
I am glad to work on a story where every character has something to do with the main script. I admit I did hero centric films earlier but this was a new experience. In fact, Srivass planned a huge fight sequence for Loukyam’s climax but I suggested Prudhvi’s comedy track instead. We all know how famous it has become!

How do you assess the result of your each film?
I do it only after the first show is screened. However, we get to know the result before itself for some films!

What is your next film Oxygen all about?
The title is perfect for the subject and it is a purely commercial flick. But the screenplay goes in a very interesting manner.

How is B.Gopal’s film shaping up?
The film is ready except for the climax sequence. We are planning to release it by Summer 2016.

Okay.. wish you all the best for Soukyam!
Thanks a lot!

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