5D Camera Shootings Coming To End?

By - December 21, 2015 - 05:04 PM IST

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Technology has been playing a major role in the shaping up of the entertainment industry and its evolution. With new methods being explored to reduce the costs, the 5D technology came into being. In that, shootings can be done using a 5D camera and this has prompted many towards filmmaking.

It is being reported that almost everyone is doing the shoot using a 5D camera and without taking permissions they are shooting at railway stations and airports. They are doing this to save budget. Now, if something happens and you are caught then you have to face a huge penalty.

And you will also face legal shackles. At the same time, even quality also takes a hit so distributors are not showing interest in buying such movies. So, switching back to the traditional power cameras such as Aria or Alexa is becoming the option. In a way, this is a recommended option.

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