Gambler Syndrome Of Small Producers

By - December 21, 2015 - 04:33 PM IST

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You might find this a bitter pill to digest but truth remains that out of ten movies that hit the screens, only two or three make it to the success mark and the rest drown. In that process, the producers are the worst hit and there are many times when some producers end up bankrupt.

Despite that, some producers don’t realize their folly. This is more among the small budget producers who are entering new into the industry. It is being noticed that many of them are reinventing the wheel in terms of promotion and release of the films.

Despite the initial jolts they receive, the producers are not learning from previous experiences and they are going by their gut instinct. They are doing everything from the beginnings and in the process lose both money and time. The cine pundits are calling it as a gambler syndrome these producers have developed. Sad but true!

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